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Telkom: A Siemens partner in Telecoms since 1999

Telkom has been a Siemens Telephonic Business Services partner since 1999:

Telkom and the Business Systems unit of Siemens Limited linked up to provide state-of-the-art telephonic business services to large commercial and corporate customers. A partnership made in heaven by these two giants of industry.

Siemens has worked closely and extremely happily with Telkom in other market segments for many years. The partnership, trading under the banner of Telkom Business System Solutions, was formed in May 1998. Siemens supplies product, support and lends its experience of high-end PABX installation and service to the partnership, while Telkom delivers the lines.
Siemens supplies Telkom customers with Siemens flagship PABX product, the Hipath 3000 and 4000 systems and the value-added products that surround it. The total Hipath package can meet all the requisite business communications needs of Telkoms large corporate and commercial customers.

There are basically over 200 large corporations in South Africa who benefit from this type of high-end PABX technology and in turn who have multi-site requirements for more than one installation and thus the Telkom/Siemens partnership in this end of the market can provide the high-level telecommunications audits required by applications at this level.
Currently this partnership includes a national Dealer and Agent network, the export of PABX solutions into Africa for Africa and an alliance with Telkom for the supply, installation and maintenance of Hipath PABX voice and data solutions and Video Conferencing equipment.

Telkom Business
Through the Telkom alliance Siemens is able to offer a Single Point of Accountability with the “one stop shop” philosophy. This is vitally important not only to Corporate concerns but also to the small / medium business practices. The customer now has only one point of reference rather than, as happened in the past, being forced to deal with Telkom on the one hand and product vendors on the other hand. The alliance is able to offer all of Siemens and Telkom products and services required for a solution in a singular package.

Siemens Service Backup:
Siemens service provides for more than just a technician going to check a fault. Our field technicians are supported by a technical support centre at Siemens which, in turn, is supported by our international technical support centre in Brussels. This support centre has a worldwide data base with solutions pooled from Siemens global experience enabling us to call on research and development facilities in Germany and the United States if required.
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