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Siemens VOIP thinks of small deployments

offering voice solutionsAlso focusing on smaller deployments is Siemens VOIP, which is set to launch its BizIP offering for small offices. The product includes SIP-based, peer-to-peer Siemens VOIP phones and a broadband router/firewall/VoIP and PSTN gateway; the BizVOIP AD 20, plugs into a broadband cable modem or ADSL link and provides Power over Ethernet LAN links to the BizIP410e phones. The BizVoIP AD 20 also can connect to an ISDN link for PSTN connectivity – in case the VOIP connection to a provider fails. Call control and PSTN access over the IP network would be delivered by a VoIP service provider offering SIP-based trunks and direct inward dialing number services over IP.

by By Phil Hochmuth, Network World, 05/01/06