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Openstage Phones by Siemens Unify

Openstage Phones for the Desktop, Corded Digital and Analogue Phones, Optipoint 500 IP Phones, Gigabit Openstage Phones.

OpenStage T Phones: The OpenStage phone family consists of the UP0/E  phones:

  •  OpenStage 10T
  •  OpenStage 15T
  •  OpenStage 20T
  • Openstage 30T
  •  OpenStage 40T
  •  OpenStage 60T
  •  OpenStage 80T
OpenStage 10 T OpenStage 15 T OpenStage 20 T
OpenStage 40 T OpenStage 60 T OpenStage 80 T


The OpenStage Phones family have a wide common feature set

  •  Full-duplex hands-free talking (except Openstage 10T)
  •  Tiltable display – except OpenStage 10 T (no display) and OpenStage 15 T (not tiltable)
  •  12 Key Keypad
  •  Colors for housings available are ice blue and lava.

Datasheet OpenStage T
The following OpenStage Phones Key Modules are available.OpenStage Key Modules

OpenStage Key Module for Openstage 40, Openstage 60 and Openstage 80 phones


  •  12 additional freely programmable keys with LEDs, function, speed dial or line keys (multiple layers)
  •  Large graphical display for automatic key labeling
  •  Colors available ice blue and lava (OpenStage 40/60)
  •  At most two Key Modules per telephone are possible. No combination with other Key Modules and OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40.

Openstage Phones Key Module for OpenStage 15T


  •  18 additional freely programmable keys with LEDs; function, speed dial or line keys (one layer)
  •  Key labeling by sheet of paper
  •  Colors available ice blue and lava
  •  At most one Key Module per telephone is possible. No combination with other Key Modules and OpenStage Busy Lamp Field 40.

Openstage SIP and HFA phone variants:

Each model of OpenStage IP phones is available as a phone variant with the open standards for SIP voice communication or with the proprietary protocol of Siemens Enterprise Communications (CorNet-IP,also known as HFA = HiPath Feature Access).

Openstage 15HFA   Openstage 15 SIP

Openstage 40HFA   Openstage 40 SIP

Openstage 60HFA   Openstage 60 SIP

Openstage 80HFA   Openstage 80 SIP

All these Openstage HFA and SIP models support power over ethernet otherwise a separate power supply is required.

In addition to the standard-based SIP (RFC 3261) VoIP protocol, OpenStage SIP phones support even more features such as consultation, local 3-way conference, multilines and team features that allow a high degree of flexibility in your IT strategy.

The OpenStage HFA (CorNet-IP) variants provide a favorable access to the wide range of features of the HiPath platforms 3000/5000 and 4000 as well as the Unify OpenScape Business X1, X3, X5 and X8 together with an innovative user interface.

OpenStage telephones are easy to deploy and ongoing administration is simple. The telephones can be centrally managed as part of an IT environment.


Headsets for use with Openstage Phones

The best audio quality is provided when using corded headsets. Headset audio quality may suffer when using other interfaces like DECT & Bluetooth.

Corded headsets are typically equipped with a 4-pin western plug. Cordless headsets, if they support the electronic hook switch functionality, do have an 8-pin western plug (to transport the signalling). The OpenStage socket supports both western plugs without any adapter, since the socket is hardware coded so that the 4-pin western plug does not rock around. This hardware coding also prevents, that someone plugs in a standard RJ45. Meaning, the headset 8-pin western plug is not a standard RJ45 (which could be a PoE powerd LAN cable).

Answering a call is simply done via the headset key. Neither an amplifier nor headset lifter are needed. Ask the headset supplier to get the right (adapter) cable for your headset which fits directly into the OpenStage headset socket.

The following Plantronics headsets are recommended for use as an accessory with OpenStage 40, OpenStage 60 and OpenStage 80 phones.

  •     Plantronics Encore (H91, H91N, H101, H101N)
  •     Plantronics Encore for USA (P91, P91N, P101, P101N)
  •     Plantronics Supra (H51, H51N, H61, H61N)
  •     Plantronics Duoset (H141, H141N)
  •     Plantronics Tristar (H81)
  •     Plantronics SupraPlus Wideband (HW251N, HW261N)
  •     Plantronics Encore Pro (HW291N)
  •     Plantronics Entera (Binaural NC): Plantronics Entera Duo HW121N