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Headset Phone Combinations


Headset Phones designed especially for a headset to deliver superior sound, style and comfort.  Choose from the many headset phones below. The new standard in desk phone headset systems. Headset Phones Standard Office Phones for Small Offices and Home Offices. These will work on a basic telephone line or phone system analog extension.


Sela KT-9600 headset phone combo is an Advanced Speaker Headset phone, sold with a monaural aliceband type headset.

A quality desktop headset phone with display designed to work with a headset.

* High quality speakerphonesela kt-9600 headset phone combo
* Headset
* Battery free phone
* LCD displays phone numbers, date and time
* 76 Caller ID memories
* 20 VIP memories
* Directory for 80 names and numbers
* Auto redial function
* LCD contrast adjustable
* Transfer function
* Hold with mute, music and extension release
* 16 melodies selectable
* Flash time adjustable to 100ms, 200ms, 300ms, 400ms, 600ms, 900ms
* Redial key
* Volume 4 levels adjustable for handset receiver, 8 levels Adjustable for
speakerphone and ringer
* Complies with all well-known PBX brands: Alcatel, Avaya, Ericsson,NEC, Nortel, Philips, Siemens and Samsung

Gigaset DA410 and Monaural Noise cancelling call centre

Siemens Gigaset DA410 with RJ9 headset connector and handsfree talking:Gigaset DA410 headset phone combo

The Siemens Gigaset DA410 has a RJ9 headset connector and handsfree talking.

    • 4 direct keys
    • 10 speed dial numbers
    • A headset connector (RJ9)
    • Call notification: 10 melodies and 4 volumes as well as ringer off and visual call notification



Kingtel SL9296E handsfree telephone with headset combo

The Kingtel SL9296E handsfree telephone with headset is a high phone with a quality LCD tiltable display, CLI with headset functionality.

SL9296E features:

    • FSK / DTMF auto-detection Caller Identification
    • LCD displays dialed numbers, incoming call numbers
    • High quality hands-free speaker
    • Message waiting and incoming call indication (PABX dependent)
    • Hold with mute/music/extension release
    • Adjustable flash time (100ms /200ms/300ms/400ms/600ms/900ms)
    • 63 Caller ID memories
    • Last 10 dialed number review and redial
    • 1 one-touch memory for speed dialing
    • On-hook pre-dialing
    • Automatic call timer
    • Adjustable handset volume
    • Adjustable speaker and ringer volume
    • 16 Selectable ring melodies
    • Desk / wall mountable
    • Headset compatibility
    • Alarm Clock