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Siemens Telephones

Siemens Telephones

Siemens Telephones comprise Analogue phones,Siemens Digital phones, Siemens landline phones,telephone handsets,telephone handset cords,corded telephones and display desktop phones.

Siemens Euroset Phones siemens telephones openstage phones siemens telephones
Euroset Phones  Optipoint Phones  Openstage Phones  Gigaset Cordless Phones


Desktop Telephones, Corded Digital and Analogue Phones, Optipoint 500 IP Phones, Gigabit Openstage Phones.

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Siemens Desktop Telephones (Analogue Handsets):

The Euroset range of telephones are easy to use and deliver all the reliability you would expect from Siemens. Siemens Euroset phones are designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions. Euroset phones will continue to work even if theres a power cut. Eurosets are also easy to install and are renowned for exceptional tone quality.

The Euroset Range consists currently of the Euroset 5005 (a basic no display instrument) and the Euroset 5020 (display and handsfree unit). These units are compatible with the HiPath 1100 series, HiPath 3000 series and Hipath 4000 series pabx.

Siemens Euroset 5005 Desk phone (replaced by Siemens Gigaset DA310):


  • No Comfort SMS
  • No SMS Box
  • 4 name keys + 10 speed dial keys
  • Last Number Redial function
  • No Display
  • No Call list (entries)siemens euroset 5005
  • 3 Levels Ringtone volume adjustable
  • 3 Ringtone melodies
  • No Phonebook capacity
  • No Call duration display
  • No Handsfree talking / loudspeaker
  • Adjustable flash time (100, 280, 600 ms)
  • Mute Key
  • Hearing aid compable
  • LED Device Displays
  • Wall mountable
  • Colour: Anthracite

Siemens Euroset 5020 Desk Telephone (replaced by Siemens Gigaset DA610):


  • 10 name keys with two levels (20 entries)
  • Last 5 numbers Redial function
  • Displays calling number
  • No Call list (entries)
  • 4 Ringtones volume adjustable
  • 10 melodies Ringtone changeablesiemens euroset 5020
  • No phonebook
  • Dial lock with direct call (Baby call)
  • Call duration display
  • Handsfree talking / loudspeaker
  • Flash key with adjustable flash time (90, 120, 270, 375, 600 ms)
  • Display has 20 digits + pictograms
  • Mute Key with melody
  • Hearing aid compabile
  • Device Displays / LED
  • Wall mountable
  • Colour: Anthracite

Siemens Profiset 3030 Desk Terminal


  • Display with 1 alphanumeric line and 1 numeric line, no Cyrillic
  • Hands free operation mode available
  • 12 numeric keys
  • 9 function keyssiemens profiset 3030
  • 16 signaling keys
  • Mute
  • Flash programmable
  • Redial
  • 3 ring volume/melodies
  • Music on hold
  • Electronic key lock

The Profiset 3030 is a digital phone in the Siemens Telephones range and is an attractive and particularly high performance phone with a wide range of convenient functions.
With 4-wire interface, power fault operation mode and CLIP function provided by C/D interface, Profiset 3030 is the perfect match for the innovative HiPath 1100 telephone system.
It is also the central telephone for administration and switchboard functions.

Compatible for:
Siemens HiPath 1120, Siemens HiPath 1130 and Siemens HiPath 1150 Pabx Systems