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Polycom CX5000 Conference Phone

POLYCOM CX5000 Conference Phone

Polycom CX5000 Conference Phone, CX5100 and CX5110 add group video collaboration to Microsoft Lync Office Communications

  • Engage in a unique 360-degree group video experience
  • Optimised for Lync 2010 and Lync 2013
  • Active Speaker 720p HD Video
  • USB Connectivity
  • One seamless interactive session with video, voice, and content
  • Enhance team collaboration immediately which helps you realize a quick ROI
  • Speed up decision making with improved interaction and lower costs
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Part of a full suite of voice and video solutions for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Polycom CX5000

This should be standard issue in every conference room. Most have never even used one. But if you run dozens of meetings a month with hundreds of people around the world using one of these you will LOVE these things.They’re deeply integrated into Microsoft’s Office LiveMeeting and they are newly rebranded Unified Communications (now called Lync). If you’re in a company with remote office locations, where you need to run lots of meetings – this is by far my personal choice with how to go. The hardware works great once you learn how to use it, and isn’t very hard to use.It has a 360 degree panoramic view that is placed via LiveMeeting at the bottom of your screen so you can see everyone in the room you’re meeting with, and then it has a larger video window that shows the person who is speaking at that moment in a close-up. It switches from person-to-person using a directional microphone.

Microsoft now also offers LiveMeeting for a low monthly fee and it’s reasonable for even a small company.

If you are a large company who will have many different staff members using conference phone room – and in each meeting a different laptop would be plugged into the device, we recommend that you either keep this attached to a dedicated computer, or that you buy a maintenance and protection plan.

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