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A wireless pabx phone System (cordless pabx) for VoIP and ISDN or fixed line calling with PABX Features:

The cordless Gigaset DX800A Phone System has been designed for small offices and home offices.

siemens-voip-pabx-systemA modern design with a large 3.5 TFT colour display, this corded phone has executive chic and the business functionality to match.

Being a hybrid wireless pabx phone means the Gigaset cordless DX800A all in one is truly flexible and can be configured to either IP with ISDN, or IP with fixed line.

A multi-line phone supporting up to 4 parallel phone calls and expandable to 6 extra wireless handsets.

Managing contacts is easy with up to 1000 vCard entries which you can synchronise with your PC to access Outlook contacts and locate details easily with auto look-up.

The cordless phone system Gigaset DX800A is available in a number of voip pabx phone systems. It has best in class hands free for wired or wireless hands free talking plus every single conversation is heard in exceptional High Definition sound quality. It also has a range of energy saving features and radiation free mode which make this telephone even better for the environment.

This mobile pabx phone system also comes standard with three integrated answering machines with a total recording time of up to 55 minutes perfectly equipped to support small businesses.

Compatible handsets include the E630H, S820 and SL400H DECT PABX – No wires or surface cabling required

A connector for a fax means you don’t need a separate fax number and the phone has Bluetooth built in so you can connect a bluetooth headset.

Bluetooth is also key to one of the most intriguing extras on the phone, one that could overcome poor mobile phone reception. If your desk is the worst place in the office for your mobile phone’s network and you find yourself leaning out of the window to improve call quality, you can use Bluetooth to pair your mobile with the Gigaset DX800A. Place your mobile anywhere within a 10-metre radius (on the windowsill, by the door, wherever the signal is strongest) and you can use your landline to make and receive calls.

The Gigaset Cordless Phone System 800 is a good looking and highly capable office phone with excellent build quality and lots of features.

The Gigaset Dx800A now replaces the older popular Gigaset SX353 ISDN wireless pabx. For the latest bundles and pricing available on our wireless system visit GigasetPro now.





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