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Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets by Plantronics:

Bluetooth headsets by Plantronics provide hands-free solutions for mobile communications delivering superior sound, style and comfort.

Advantages of having a Bluetooth wireless headset:

Firstly the most obvious advantage of a Bluetooth wireless Headset is that both of your hands are free to be of used at all times.  Why limit yourself to only having one hand free as you go about your business, that is exactly what one does when you talk on your cell phone without a Bluetooth wireless headset.

Next of course is that you can now focus on the job at hand and not on balancing the phone on your ear by cramping your neck and shoulder to keep it upright.

Another advantage of a Bluetooth headsets is that when you are doing business (or on personal) calls you are free to roam around the house or office to be more productive, if your are calling somewhere that puts you on hold (for the next available agent) without a Bluetooth you tend to sit around waiting for a extended period of time, being unproductive, but try this with Bluetooth headsets. While on hold you can now attend to other chores which makes you extremely more productive.


  • Slim earloop detaches to fit both ears
  • QuickPairTM for easy pairing
  • Lightweigth only 11 grams
  • Up to 8 hours talktime
 voyager bluetooth headsets VOYAGER BLUETOOTH HEADSET:

  • With Bluetooth version 1.2 voyager enables you to connect to multiple device simultaneously with any two devices active at the same time
  • Volume control
  • answer button
  • multiple ear buds for individual preference     Download Brochure
 voyager pro bluetooth headsets VOYAGER PRO BLUETOOTH HEADSET:

  • new dual microphone
  • Audio iQ noise canceling
  • minimising background noise and improving call clarity to levels unseen before
 sports bluetooth headsets BACK BEAT 906 WITH DONGLE:

  • Unbelievable stereo audio quality, for music and voice calls
  • Super fit ear gels make this headset ideal for sport applications
 discovery bluetooth headsets DISCOVERY 925 BLUETOOTH HEADSET:

  • With Bluetooth version 1.2 Discovery enables you to connect to multiple device simultaneously with any two devices active at the same time
  • Volume control
  • Answer button
  • Multiple earbuds for individual preference
  • Comes standard with on the go pocket charger with vibrate alert