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Gigaset Cordless Phones for improved mobility

Gigaset Cordless Phones

Gigaset cordless phones means Cordless “no wires’ analogue or IP telephones. Great mobile pabx. You can chat on the telephone while you are moving about the home or office. Phones that allow one to choose between fixed line or internet. Gigaset Cordless PhonesVoIP cordless handset telephones allow calls over the internet and saving money. Bluetooth options for connecting a headset, bases with digital answering machines, range extenders for reaching those weak signal areas, hands free talking, vibration alert for those noisy environments, and even open your front door with your cordless phone. We have the phone for you even if you need a Gigaset VOIP cordless IP phones.

All our phones can be used on a normal landline or a pabx extension. Easy to set up and use.


Gigaset A415:

  • Large Display
  • Handsfree
  • HSP Brilliant Sound
  • 80 Entries Phonebook
  • Dect and Gap
  • available in duo, trio and quad systems


Gigaset E630A and Gigaset E630H Bundle:

  • Tough Telephone
  • Splash, shock and dust proof
  • Built in answering machine
  • Repeater support
  • Hands free
  • Vibracall
  • 150 entries phonebook
  • Base station and phone charger separate

SMALL AND STYLISH (smallest in the Gigaset range)

Gigaset SL450A and SL450H:

  • Smallest in the Gigaset range (cell phone size and feel)
  • Color display
  • Handsfree
  • Repeater support
  • Vibracall
  • 500 Entry Phonebook
  • Bluetooth
  • Alarm call and date reminder
  • Super Slimline



    • Internet and fixed line calls
    • 6 SIP accounts from different providers
    • 2 VOIP plus 1 fixed line call
    • High performance sound
    • Handsfree
    • 150 entry phonebook
    • Date reminder and alarm call



    • Extends your range
    • Increases your mobility
    • Use with A, E, S and SL ranges


    Gigaset gives Brilliant sound quality – exactly what you get from Gigaset cordless landline phones. Gigaset Technology that delivers precise and clear sound with every call.

    The new Gigaset DECT generation has arrived, and along with it, a whole new standard for easy and convenient managing of your contact data. Bluetooth has totally revolutionized wireless communication and with the new Gigaset Bluetooth phones, it’s now found its way into the landline world.

    Bluetooth makes everything easier since it’s so incredibly fast and simple to use. Together with the Gigaset QuickSync software, Bluetooth accelerates your data transfer and allows you to safely synchronize with a large variety of electronic devices.

    The new Gigaset telephones let you exchange your contact data both quickly and easily. Plus, you can sync your address book data with Microsoft Outlook.

    So what’s the main advantage of Bluetooth technology? It’s tried and true and well-established. That’s why there are such a multitude of devices with which you can quickly and easily communicate with the new Gigaset Bluetooth phones. For instance, cell phones, headsets, PDAs and PCs.

    What does Bluetooth in the new cordless phones make possible?

    Quick and easy exchange of contact data:
    The new Gigaset telephones can receive address book entries as vCards from a second Bluetooth device (e.g. a cell phone or PDA) or send them to another Bluetooth device.

    Call using the headset:
    You can couple the new Gigaset telephones with a compatible Bluetooth Headset (such as the Voyager 510). This will enable you to take incoming calls directly on the headset, and some devices (Gigaset SL560/SL56) allow you to call numbers using the integrated Voice Dial – both completely hands-free.

    How many entries can be sent or received via Gigaset Bluetooth?
    Up to 250 address book entries can be sent or received as vCards.


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