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HiPath ProCenter Agile (CALL CENTRE SOFTWARE):

HiPath ProCenter Agile is a full featured contact centre solution aimed at all businesses ie. small, mid-sized and large businesses is designed for the needs of the informal call centre or call handling groups. HiPath ProCenter Agile is a solution that is easy to implement, configure and use.

HiPath ProCenter Agile delivers intelligent call routing, graphical reporting, and innovative productivity tools for both agents and managers, with unprecedented ease of use. HiPath ProCenter Agile is presence-enhanced with tools such as Team Lists to expedite key business processes, increase first contact resolution and improve customer satisfaction, while keeping it simple desktops extend these capabilities flexibly across the business. The Agent and Associate desktops are intuitive, Windows-based graphical user interfaces (GUIs) providing communication tools and a means for more efficient and effective call handling.

The HiPath ProCenter Agile Manager application unifies all administrative and management tools in a single desktop. Included in the Manager desktop is a Graphical Design Centre  a unified visual design tool for routing strategies and call and queue processing flows. HiPath ProCenter Agile has a robust reporting engine providing easy to build, customizable visual reporting with trend analysis.

As part of the HiPath ProCenter portfolio, HiPath ProCenter Agile also provides a migration path for more sophisticated contact center tools as your business needs grow.

The HiPath ProCenter Agile can interface with the HiPath 3000HiPath 4000 and HiPath 5000.

HiPath ProCenter Agile – Version 7.0 CALL CENTER SOFTWARE

For many small and medium-sized enterprises, superior customer service is a key differentiator from larger competitors. Siemens HiPath ProCenter Agile V7.0 is a cost-effective, feature rich contact centre solution designed to meet the customer service needs of small-to-medium sized business call centers up to 100 active agents.

HiPath ProCenter Agile has the flexibility to add features and functionality as required by the user. A single application base ensures seamless upgrade options and allows for expansion from small to large, from simple to sophisticated and from TDM to IP while protecting your investment.

Maximizing First-Contact Resolution:

HiPath ProCenter Agile’s intelligent group-based routing ensures customers are connected with the best qualified agent on a contact-per-contact basis, regardless of contact medium. The multi media blended Agent Desktop provides tools and information for handling interactions more efficiently, reducing the need for follow up calls or emails and enhancing customer service quality. With integrated multimedia presence and collaboration tools, HiPath ProCenter Agile empowers agents to reach out to users anywhere in the enterprise.

Simplifying Contact Center Management:

Reducing complexity in Contact Center management is key for deployments in small to medium sized enterprises. HiPath ProCenter Agile provides a truly unified Manager desktop, with a flexible interface and a familiar “Outlook-style” screen layout. This means faster, easier design and configuration with one integrated tool for all management functions.

Manager desktop includes:

Administration Center – users, groups, and resources are defined.

Broadcast Center -messages and real-time statistics can be displayed on wallboards, client-connected plasma displays or streamed to agent desktops.

Design Center – intelligent group based routing flows and queue processing strategies for voice and email inter-actions.

Report Center – graphical real-time and historical monitoring and reporting with key information such as agent utilization, service levels, abandon rates and average handling time for voice and email interactions.

General features:

  1. Intelligent group-based routing for voice, email and callback contacts
  2. Routing, call and queue processing components include: time of day/day of week schedules, caller and email source/destination decisions, and performance level decisions.
  3. Integrated database
  4. Wallboard support
  5. CTI (CSTA) integration
  6. Multiple language support
  7. Supports IP, converged and TDM environments
  8. Call Director (optional)
  9. Integrated IVR
  10. Agent Desktop (optional)
  11. Unique multimedia presence management and collaboration tools with blended multimedia desktop (incoming voice, email, callback)

System Capacity:

500 Defined Users per System

100 Active Users per System

25 Managers per System

50 Maximum number of Groups

50 Maximum number of Queues

New HiPath All-in-One -the simple, complete contact centre solution in one chassis

The HiPath All-in-One solution is a sophisticated and reliable converged communication platform with proven voice processing and feature-rich business telephony applications over a single platform.

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