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Door Phones – gate stations from panel access

DOOR PHONES – GATE STATIONS – Door Intercoms allowing door access

Door phones enhance access security to business premises or the home. Check out the intercoms in our the ranges we offer. They are a great alternative to “old world” doorbell systems in buildings equipped with a pabx systems.

You can now use the services of the existing pabx which will save on costs on a new solution, and will also offer a better quality and range of services.

These are one button systems with a hotline function providing you with instant audio and/or video communication and building access control. Suitable for one touch easy access to a receptionist. For indoor and outdoor use.

VoIP Interface Access Control systems are also catered for and combine various functions for richer, more integrated communications in one converged IP network. With the closing of ITS the Pantel Pancode manufacturing plant this is now replaced by the TADOR range, offering superior build quality and functionality.

For the full range of Tador door access panels we supply please visit our site at doorphones.


tador piezo door phones Tador Single button door phones


Desktop Telephones, Corded Digital and Analogue Phones, Optipoint 500 IP Phones, Gigabit Openstage Phones.