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Telephone Management System MAN3000 TMS

Telephone Management System MAN3000

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The Man3000 Telephone Management System Software provides a complete solution to the problem of controlling your Telephone Overheads. The MAN3000 can be connected to most pabx’s even IP pabx. The Man3000 system is your first choice for Telephone call management Systems.

MAN3000 SOFTWARE Options:

Telephone Management System MAN3000 is Telephone call manager software that offers the following solutions listed below. The MAN3000 will work on most of today’s popular analogue,digital and IP pabx systems.

Man3000 Soft Online (VOIP PABX ONLY):

The Man3000 Soft Online Authetication is a software only solution. No hardware needs to be installed on site. The software only solution caters for a wide range of PBXs, and can handle special connection types. TCP/IP Connection (Active and Passive), Read from file (Read changes only & Read and delete), Direct database connection (MySQL), HTTP connection, FTP connection

Calls are collected directly from the PABX via LAN. Requires an internet connection. Includes the latest Man3000 Software for the PC. [GET MY FREE 14 DAY FULLY FUNCTIONAL TRIAL NOW]

Man3000 Soft Dongle:

Hardware is required for authentication but the collection of calls is done via the LAN. Does not require an internet connection. Includes the latest Man3000 Software for the PC.

MAN3000 Desktop Budget Controller:

The Man3000 Budget Controller is a powerful tool controlling telephone account expenses by user/extension. It allows you to set budgets and even limit employees spend. This is a software suite that runs separately in conjunction with the Man3000 Desktop solution, it uses all the data recorded on the Man3000 database

Man3000 V7 Buffer Boxes:

Two options available here:

V7 RS232 – USB connection to PC, RS232 connection to Pabx, 8000 call buffer memory capacity. Includes a 5 day battery backup with the latest MAN3000 Software

V7 LAN – USB connection to PC, USB or LAN connection to Pabx, 8000 call buffer memory capacity. Includes a 5 day battery backup with the latest MAN3000 Software


Man3000 DHS Hosted Solution:

The Man3000 DHS is a web based solution providing the user with an easy accessible way to perform extensive analysis on their telephone data in a fast and effective manner. View your business’ stats from anywhere in the world or have a centralised database for multiple branches, the Man3000 DHS solution accommodates this requirement.


Telephone Management System FEATURES:

* Extension / Account Code Budget Reporting
* Limit Notification via Pop-up screen; Emailing or SMS
* Memorize Reports
* Automatic Scheduling of Memorized Reports- Emailed/Written to File or Printed
* Emailing Reports through Microsoft Outlook 2000
* Graphical Reporting on Extension / Exchange / Account Codes or Pin Codes / Busy Hour Graphs and History Graphs
* Automatic Emailing of Unauthorized Calls
* Monitor abusive calls by Cost ; Duration and Incoming Ring Time (Top 40/120/300 Reporting)
* Monitor who’s phoning you (CLI)
* Multiple Level Password Protection
* Unlimited Database Size
* Multiple Carriers (Up to 10 Code Books)
* Networking Multiple sites together via LAN, WAN & Internet
* Automatic Exporting
* Centralized Reporting
* Built in Guest Package
* Live Exports to Hotel & Attorney Packages
*  Automatic Back-up of Call Records. Same Site or Off Site


Telephone Management System BENEFITS:

  • NO Dedicated PC Required
  • Reliable
  • User Friendly
  • Works on any PABX
  • USB or Serial Connections to PC
  • OPTO Isolation Optional
  • Instant Reporting
  • Instant Downloads
  • Bill back Clients for calls made on their behalf  (CLI)
  • Verification of the Telephone Account
  • Control the costs for Individual Extension / Departments / Account / Pin Codes
  • Control the time spent on Telephone Calls (High-Lighted Calls)
  • Improve your company services
  • Motivating Sales / Telesales Staff
  • Monitor Phone systems performance
  • Regular Software Updates (Cost Tables; Features..)
  • 20000 Extension Numbers
  • 20000 Account Codes
  • 20000 Client List Names/Numbers
  • 20 Client Categories
  • 1000 Departments
  • 1000 Trunk Lines

Download MAN3000 Brochure in pdf 301kb

Download Latest MAN3000 SOFTWARE : 31.2Mb Latest available version
Please note that to receive the full functionality of the program it requires registration.

Download MAN3000 Windows Manual PDF file 2.9MB

Remote MAN3000 Upgrades:
Upgrade your software today without needing an expensive call out from a technician or IT consultant. By upgrading you will receive the latest MAN3000 software and the latest telephone call rates cost tables.

You will require an internet connection and the FREE Teamviewer software on your PC.
So contact us today and upgrade the cost effective way.

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