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PABX Phone Systems

PABX phone systems – GSM Mobile Phone System – by Siemens UNIFY and peripheral equipment for the home and office.


Siemens Unify HiPath PABX Phone Systems:

The Siemens HiPath 1120 PABX Phone System: has reached “end of life EOL”. The HiPath 1120, HiPath 1130 and HiPathunify-unified-communications 1150 have been replaced by the Unify X3 pabx Switchboard. Spares for the older boards are becoming scarce and as such we recommend you contact us to discuss your upgrade today. The replacement is the high performance switch for up to 30 users, for small to medium business users. This Unify switchboard offers the latest options such as CLIP,DDI,MOH,Call transfer,conference call and Voip.

The Siemens PABX Hipath 3550 Switchboard: has reached the end. HiPath, DX/Realitis – End of Support April 2017. It has been now replaced by the Unify Openscape X5. If you have a HiPath DX/Realitis, HiPath 3000 then this affects you and you need to make sure you are aware of the impact to you and your business. Your communications system is vital to your organisation and any disruption to its availability is a significant business risk, which is why Unify is offering significant discounts on many migration options. The new Unify X5 and Unify X8 range of switchboards now traditional switchboard services such as ISDN while also now also offering Voice Over IP. (VOIP) Advanced telephones in the Openscape range offer the telephone user digital and IP handsets with displays.

SIEMENS HiPath 4000 Real Time IP System:
The Real Time IP System for medium to very large enterprises.The innovative real-time IP system Siemens HiPath 4000 combines the advantages of IP-based communications and the service spectrum of telephone line communications systems – with greater resilience than could previously have been expected from pure TDM solutions.

Cordless Phones

cordless phones

Siemens Cordless Phones Gigaset:
The Siemens Gigaset Cordless Telephones (DECT) range is the Gigaset. A wide range of Siemens cordless phones bringing all the benefits of mobile cordless communications including cost effective VoIP calling into the business and home… Read More

Call Recorders

call recorder

Voiceloggers Voice Recording:

Red Tin and Voicelog Call Recorders: REDTIN Voiceloggers are perfect for businesses that want a telephone voice-recording device which is cost effective and can do voicelogging of all phone calls made with a convenient e-mail option… Read More


hipath voip pabx

Siemens Unify VOIP PBX Phone System:
The Siemens IP PABX switchboard phone system offers unbeatable value for small to medium business, providing a single hub IP telephone solution supporting up to 30 IP users… Read More

POLYCOM Conference Phones

polycom conference phones

Conference Phones by Polycom
Polycom Phones integrate with all leading wired and wireless pabx phone systems to help businesses work efficiently and effectively. Whether you are looking for a desktop solution, for  small conference rooms or a large conference room, Polycom has a product to match your business requirements. IP extensions are also catered for with the Polycom IP conference phonesRead More


phone headsetsbluetooth headsets

Headsets improve communications,for both phone and computer users offering greater mobility and comfort – whether on the work switchboard or telephone PABX, or at home. Bluetooth wireless phone options offer over the ear functionality. Check out the Plantronics and Mairdi ranges of headsets and also  Why a Headset is a good buy. Corded or wireless headsets we supply both… Read More

Call Centres

call centres

Call Centre Applications: Siemens HiPath ProCenter Agile:
Improve customer satisfaction with a presence-enriched contact center.Increase productivity with a powerful yet simplified Agent and Manager phones.Simple to implement and maintain, yet designed for growth and evolution… Read More

Small Office Wireless PABX

Wireless VOIP PABX Siemens Mini Switchboard Phone System:
No cabling. A Siemens Wireless phone switchboard system which can be installed in minutes.Up to 8 cordless switchboard extensions with Siemens Cordless telephone Gigaset handsets… Read More

Door Phones Access Control

TADOR Door Phones. TADOR Access Control Unit. TADOR provide full duplex telephone communication through handsfree operation and control door opening via touch-tone telephones. Visitors enter a 4 digit access code to gain access and unlock an entrance door. From virtually any PABX a direct extension can be dialled upon arrival. For indoor and outdoor use… Read More

Video Conferencing

video conferencing

Video Conferencing:
Faranani is dedicated to bridging the distances between people, enabling them to work side-by-side, no matter the distance between them. Using state-of-the-art Video Conferencing technologies we have complete solutions that will connect organizations point to point or point to multi-point. The service can be used on IP or ISDN infrastructure… Read More

PREMICELL Least Cost Routers


Premicell Least Cost Routers for your PABX:
Install a Psitek, Digicell or Spidercell hardware to reduce the cost of calling mobile phones from your switchboard PABX.  LCR (Least Cost Routing) offers your business cost savings on your phone account up to 35%… Read More


openstage telephonesgigaset

Siemens analogue phones,Siemens digital phones, telephone handsets,telephone handset cords,corded telephones,display phones,desktop telephones. Euroset Desktop Telephones, Corded Digital and Analogue Phones, Optipoint 500 IP Phones, Gigabit Openstage Phones, Openscape CP PhonesRead More

Telephone Management System TMS


man 3000Call management system,call manager,call manager 7,call manager express,call management,proteus software,telephone call management software,telephone call log,download,telephone management systems… Read More