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What is Hosted PBX?

With so many employees on the road or working remotely, communication is more important and complex than ever before. So without a reliable hosted PBX provider, you’ll, lose money and potential customers. A typical call can look like this. Willy’s, widgets. How may I help? I need a salesperson right away. I’d, like to order […]

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Siemens Enterprise Communications Becomes Unify

Siemens Enterprise Communications Becomes Unify UNIFY Company officials are partnering the rebranding move with a more aggressive push for its new Project Ansible UC platform. Siemens Enterprise Communications is now Unify, a rebranding effort three years in the making. At simultaneous events in New York City and Munich, executives with the unified communications company unveiled […]

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voice to data voip

VOIP is great but only if it works properly

by Riaan Pietersen, CMO Tele-Enterprise There’s no question that Voice over Internet Protocol has become a standard tool for many companies. That’s owing to its promise of lower costs and the ability to substantially broaden the scope of what you can do with your telecommunications. But how often have you connected a VoIP call, only […]

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Siemens Openscape Delivers Mobile Unified Communications

Siemens Openscape Delivers Mobile Unified Communications Siemens Openscape – Mobile UC Client for Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile Devices delivers mobility to UC users. Siemens Enterprise Communications today announced the availability of OpenScape Mobility, delivering mobility to a wide variety of UC users regardless of their location. OpenScape Mobility brings together, for the first time, […]

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Siemens Stops Payment to BenQ in Taiwan

Following BenQ’s decision to cease German production of mobile telephones, Siemens has stopped payment of 117 million euros to BenQ’s Taiwanese parent company. Questions concerning patents also remain unresolved. Siemens spokesperson Wolfram Trost said payment of 117 million euros (nearly $149 million) is now in a trust fund. Trost said that according to liquidators, it […]

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South Africa poised for the next-generation services

South African telecoms operators are preparing to provide end customers with the same Quality of Service and bandwidth as their international counterparts by deploying new networks which use IP-based technologies as their foundation. Mark van Vuuren, MD Fixed Networks, Siemens Communications, says the demand for next-generation services is on the increase. “Next-generation services intrinsically require […]

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Siemens WayMAX system allows everyone to get WiMAX-enabled

At an ITWeb IT Confidence Conference held in Johannesburg, Canadian technology entrepreneur, venture partner and author Leonard Brody claimed that the country has to roll-out WiMAX if it is to be a global competitor in the technology arena. He pointed out that Canada had learned many lessons in turning around from a disastrous financial deficit […]

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Nokia, Siemens Point the Way

As the two European giants join forces to compete globally, telecom’s long-awaited wave of consolidation has likely begun By pooling their resources in the highly competitive telecom equipment business, Nokia Corp. and Siemens AG stand a better chance of competing for huge contracts that will soon come up for bid in critical growth markets such […]

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Siemens VOIP thinks of small deployments

Also focusing on smaller deployments is Siemens VOIP, which is set to launch its BizIP offering for small offices. The product includes SIP-based, peer-to-peer Siemens VOIP phones and a broadband router/firewall/VoIP and PSTN gateway; the BizVOIP AD 20, plugs into a broadband cable modem or ADSL link and provides Power over Ethernet LAN links to […]

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Telkom: A Siemens partner in Telecoms since 1999

Telkom has been a Siemens Telephonic Business Services partner since 1999: Telkom and the Business Systems unit of Siemens Limited linked up to provide state-of-the-art telephonic business services to large commercial and corporate customers. A partnership made in heaven by these two giants of industry. Siemens has worked closely and extremely happily with Telkom in other market segments […]

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