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Premicell Fusion 230 Least Cost Router Psitek


Premicell Psitek Fusion 230 Least Cost Router is a GSM Gateway reduces costs with interconnect GSM traffic. Areas with GSM coverage but no fixed line service.
As per the Psitek Fusion 100. Just add the SIM of your choice.


Premicell Fusion 230 Least Cost Router Psitek:

Premicell Fusion 230 is a GSM Gateway Least Cost Router assisting in reducing costs associated with interconnect GSM traffic. This product is no longer available and has been replaced by Digicell V2.

Premicell Fusion 230 Psitek Specs:

This Premicell Fusion 230 least cost router routes both GSM and fixed line calls optimally – radically reducing call costs. The Fusion 230 is suitable for a variety of environments including but not limited to corporate, SOHO or residential. PABX-compliant, it can be used in conjunction with a PABX but works just as well stand-alone.

What makes the Premicell Fusion 230 the ideal least cost router?

Most significant is the cost-saving factor which the Fusion 230 offers. By routing calls via the most optimal channel, substantial savings can be enjoyed on both fixed line (PSTN) and cellular (GSM) voice calls – making it the least cost router of choice. The Premicell Fusion 230 makes use of an earthed power supply that is easily obtainable from Psitek and other sources. Connected via a barrel jack, the power supply eliminates the need to physically ‘earth’ the unit. This makes for quicker and more convenient installation. The quick-reference LEDs reflect the status of the Fusion 230, colour coded for easy monitoring at a glance. Keeping up with market trends, the unit has a USB port. What’s more, the sleek design of the unit incorporates a ‘push-to-eject’ SIM card holder.

Remote Management wherever you are

Designed to compliment the Premicell Fusion 230’s feature list, the Psitek Management Centre (PMC) works in conjunction to create a seamless least cost routing solution. The PMC is a Psitek software solution, designed to streamline the operational and administrative processes of remotely managing multiple points of presence. This invaluable configuration and management tool affords users complete geographic flexibility, and can be used to manage:

>Activity reports
>Call data records
>Call routing tables
>Status reports, etc.

Not only does the Premicell Fusion 230 route out-going calls, but cost-savings can also be enjoyed on incoming calls. This is where the call-back functionality comes into play. A range of call back numbers can be predefined in a call routing table. When any of these numbers call into the Fusion 230, the premicell Fusion 230 recognises the number and immediately terminates the call. It then returns the call to the number that dialled in. In this way, the pre-defined numbers are also routed to the most costeffective line, reducing costs. This is particularly advantageous in corporate set-ups where sales representatives in the field call the main line on the company’s account.

Download Fusion 230 Router Brochure Here – 960 kb Pdf

The Psitek Fusion range has been developed to combat escalating costs associated with ‘interconnect traffic’

Why use a Psitek Fusion 230 Router?

1) Telephone access (voice or internet) in disaster areas, where wire-network infrastructure is damaged
2) Telephone access (voice or internet) in areas that are under-serviced by land line networks, but fall within mobile network coverage
3) Cost-saving wireless routing in all countries with GSM 900/1800 mobile network coverage (depending on regulatory restrictions in country of use)
4) Compatibility with all major PBX brands, 100-number call-back list, allowing a company to pick up the bill on calls made from up to 100 predetermined numbers, e.g. sales staff or valued clients. Standard GSM facilities, e.g. number barring or call forwarding
5) Instant call connection after a predefined number of digits has been dialled


DC input voltage range: 5.5V to 15V DC
DC input termination: 2.1mm barrel DC jack
DC input protection: Reverse polarity, over-voltage and over-current protection to 60V DC
DC current, on-hook mode: 100mA (12V DC)
DC current, call mode: 300mA at 2W transmission power (12V DC)
DC current, burst: 600mA at 2W transmission power (12V DC)


Dimensions (L x B x H): 116mm x 79mm x 30mm
Weight: 200g
Material: Aluminium extrusion LED indicators: Power, network signal
Strength, SIM status and phone in use

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