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Premicell GSM Router SS10 3g


The premicell gsm router that connects to any pabx analog trunk port and allows routing of mobile calls via the network of your choice.

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Premicell GSM Router SS10 3g

The premicell GSM router SS10 3g is a GSM device that can be used on any pabx or normal analogue line to make mobile calls via any SIM network of your choice.

Premicell GSM Router SS10 3g features:

  •  Matches to complex line impedance
  • Power saving feed-bridge
  • Signal level indicator LEDs
  • Busy indicator
  • Network indicator
  • SMA antenna connector
  • Module On/Off switch allows Network Detach
  • Power supply 300mA at 12 VDC
  • RJ11 connector for telephone
  • DB9 connector for programming
  • 900/1800 MHz operation in 2G GSM mode
  • 900/2100 MHz operation in 3G UMTS mode (additional 850MHz optional)
  • Comfort Tone
  • CLI restriction
  • Settable digit count
  • Settable dial timeout
  • Automatic call termination
  • Transmit & receive levels adjustable
  • Optional reversal
  • Line current break optional
  • Periodic module reboot optional
  • Full rate, enhanced full rate & half rate operation
  • Supports Adaptive Multi-rate (AMR)
  • Preferred network selection (Network locking)
  • 2G, 3G or automatic network selection
  • Dial-In modem functionality (2G mode only)
  • 4 minute timer to reset module if not registered on the network
  • 128 Programmable Call Back numbers
  • Settable SIM Pin Number
  • Supports International SIM card operation

This product now takes over from the very popular Digicell V2 router.

What is Least cost routing (LCR)?

Least cost routing (LCR) is a strategy used by telecommunications companies and nowadays normal businesses to select the lowest cost carrier for provisioning a call.

This helps reduce the costs of calls. LCR allows for telecommunications providers to minimize costs. They do this by selecting call routes that require the least amount of point-of-presence. The mechanism also helps ensure competition among GSM providers which plays a very important role in pabx telephony as well as VoIP and IP telephony. So, LCR applies to general province communications but can also be used for international comms. The provider chooses a GSM carrier to complete a call originating within one province or country from the exchange in which the call is received.