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Openstage 15T Digital Handset by UNIFY


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Openstage 15T Digital Handset:

The Openstage 15T is a digital handset with LCD display and Full-duplex hands-free talking. A high quality housing microphone and loudspeaker make for superb pickup and listening pleasure.

  • 3 menu keys
  • 8 free programmable keys
  • 2 fixed function keys
  • Volume keys (Loudspeaker/+/-)
  • Keypad with 12 keys
  • LCD 2 line graphic display
  • 10 red LEDs for key signalling
  • Various housing colors (ice blue, lava)
  • Wall mountable
  • Available in LAVA

The phone OpenStage 15 T is part of the OpenStage phone family. It can be used in a HiPath 4000 environment as a TDM telephone. The Openstage range is the successor of the ever popular Optipoint range which has now reached end of life.