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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing:

Video Conferencing using ISDN or IP:

Corporate executives and professionals spend most of their business time in meetings since it is often the only way to manage planning, solve problems and make decisions.

It is not surprising that companies all over the world have sought alternative ways to bring work groups together.

ISDN allows simultaneous transmission of high volumes of information, in whatever form (data, voice, image and/or video) on a dial-up basis through the public network.

Carefully structured on-line, electronic meetings are very productive and offer you:

  • Flexibility:

Participants enjoy maximum calendar flexibility and key people are less likely to cancel. Decisions can be made on a more timely, responsive manner.

  • Better Resources:

Participants are close to the full information support of their home base such as technical specialist and information systems.

  • Better Focus

Electronic meetings reduce the tendency to stray from the subject and often seem to promote a more systematic approach to meeting the agenda.

Other Video conferencing options are:

  • distance learning (schools, universities)
  • corporate training
  • crisis management
  • product development
  • employee communications
  • HR applications
  • Security

Affordable Solutions for you:

Sony offers solutions from small room to large boardroom and conference facilities, to suite all budgets.

Set up your own conferencing network today and save thousands in airfare’s, accommodation and
car rental costs.

We have rental solutions from as little as R1 500 per month.

Mail us today to discuss your requirements or schedule a demo.

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