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Single Button IP Door Phone Tador KX-T927-SIP


The Tador Single Button IP door phone connects directly to the telephone switchboard PABX (just like any other extension), making use of the company’s existing telecom network. The units are Plug and Play, requiring only a simple connection to an analog port of your PBX or a key telephone system. Once connected, they provide full duplex telephone communications through hands-free operation and door access control via a touchtone telephone.


Single Button IP Door Phone Tador KX-T927-SIP

Single Button IP door phone provide full duplex telephone communication through handsfree operation and control door opening via touch-tone telephones.
Visitors press a single button to gain access to an entrance door. A direct extension can
be also dialed upon arrival. For indoor and outdoor use.

Tador IP Door Phone- Single Button Keypad:
>Strong Vandal Proof Aluminum case
>Steel Single Button
>Outdoor/Indoor Installation
>Illuminated button

The AV chassis allows one to add the Optional Analog Color Camera

Tador Single Button IP door phone Interface: IP PBXs among enterprises of all sizes is growing rapidly. Additionally, SIP protocol is fast becoming the dominant industry standard. Tador IP door phones now offer you VoIP Access Control Systems that support pure IP environments, allowing you to be connected to SIP-enabled IP PBXs and communicate using the capabilities of SIP phones. We can also now connect  our VoIP Access Control systems to IP-Centrex service platforms.


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Weight.325 kg