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POLYCOM CONFERENCE PHONES (Teleconferencing Units):

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Polycom Conference Phones:

Conference phones that integrate with leading wired and wireless telephony platforms to help businesses work efficiently and effectively. Whether you are looking for a desktop solution, or for a small to large conference room, we have a  conference phone product to match your business requirements.

Polycom for Large Conference Rooms:
Polycom Soundstation VTX1000
No matter the meeting room size, we have a voice conferencing solution to meet your needs. All conferencing phone products offer superior voice quality and some models support HD Voice for crystal-clear communications. Whether you require IP conference phone or analog conference phones or installed audio, conference products will support your business requirements. For larger environments, including installed voice systems,choose Polycom SoundStation VTX 1000 conference phone.

  • Small to Medium-sized Rooms: 
  • Voicestation 300 (VS300)
  • Voicestation 500 Bluetooth (VS500)
  • Soundstation 2 Basic (SS2 Basic)
  • Soundstation 2 LCD (SS2 LCD)
  • Soundstation 2 Expandable (SS2 Ex)
  • Soundstation 2 Wireless (SS2 W)

Your conference room phone is one of your most valuable collaborations assets. But even in smaller or medium-sized conference room, calls are productive and efficient when participants can hear clear, crisp voice quality – even during simultaneous conversations. Only Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology delivers the best sound quality with impressive microphone range, ensuring all your conference calls are loud and clear.

Polycom conference brings unprecedented price and performance to voice conferencing and collaboration, making it an affordable productivity tool for more employees and organizations. No wonder that so many people around the world are using our conference voice solutions to enhance collaboration and gain a competitive advantage, all while reducing costs.

From the conference room to executive suites and everything in between, Polycom has the right voice solution to enhance any business communication need. phone solutions for small to mid-size meeting rooms.

Polycom Voicestation 300, Voicestation 500, Soundstation 2 Basic, Soundstation2 LCD, Soundstation 2 Expandible, Soundstation2 wireless.

Polycom Soundstation IP4000, Soundstation IP6000, Soundstation IP7000

  • Soundstation IP4000
  • Soundstation IP6000
  • Soundstation IP7000
  • Soundstation Duo

Desktop Solutions:

Desktop voice solutions from Polycom conference enable clearer, more productive conversations for any office, home office, or other desktop location.
The SoundPoint IP family of desktop IP phones delivers superb performance in SIP-based environments. Polycom Communicator delivers high-performance voice communications from your PC, and works with a variety of soft phone applications. The VoiceStation products feature robust enterprise-class conference phone performance in a compact, affordable package. The SoundPoint Pro products feature handsets with speakerphone capabilities for traditional analog phone lines.
Polycom C100 communicator, Voicestation 300 and 500 Soundpoint IP phones.