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Siemens HiPath 4000 Pabx Phone System

SIEMENS HiPath 4000 Real Time IP Phone System:

HiPath 4000 is the Real Time IP Phone Systems for medium to very large enterprises.

The innovative real-time IP system HiPath 4000 combines the advantages of IP-based communications and the service spectrum of telephone line communications systems – with greater resilience than could previously have been expected from pure TDM solutions. It is the right communications solution for medium-sized to very large companies and groups of companies that place the highest demands on safety, flexibility and services.

The architecture of the communications system can be applied to companies with a spread-out, discrete architecture, as well as to companies with a campus structure. Via a shared open IP architecture companies can connect and communicate between different locations within a comprehensive network infrastructure.

The Real Time IP System HiPath 4000 also offers all the advantages that have made Siemens the leading provider of communications solutions: especially high reliability and protection against failure, combined with the greatest level of flexibility and performance, along with fantastic compatibility and maximum scalability.

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Almost limitless expandability:

HiPath 4000 offers full scalability and low complexity. Usable and expandable from the very smallest to the largest expansion, up to 15 directly connected access points and, in addition, up to 83 access points distributed via IP can be supported. In these configurations a maximum number of 12,000 digital, analog or IP connections are possible. Thus, in network systems, there can be up to 100,000 participants without any problem.

HiPath 4000 is therefore also suitable for very large companies or as a future scenario for company expansions, because with this scalability you will remain flexible for further expansions. Existing systems, such as HiPath 2000, HiPath 3000 or HiPath 4000, can be easily integrated into any IP or TDM infrastructure of the HiPath 4000 through an improved HiPath CorNet IP Interworking.

HiPath ComScendo on a Button suite:

The HiPath ComScendo on a Button suite is an innovative off-the-shelf package of features, which – in conjunction with system display phones (e.g. optiPoint 500 or optiPoint 420) or an optiClient – provides new kinds of features to increase workplace productivity. The functions can be set up on the end device to be called up either by separate keys or via a menu that is called up via a single application key. The connection between HiPath 4000 and the corporate directory is generated by HiPath CAP (Common Application Platform – SW is supplied).

EasyLookup. Simple access to the corporate directory (LDAP) via search parameters, output of results on the display and direct dialing of the displayed phone number.

EasySee. Output of information from the corporate directory as PhoneCard on the PC.

EasyMail. Opening of an e-mail window on the PC with the e-mail addresses of all contacts.

EasyShare. Starting Microsoft Netmeeting on the PCs of all known contacts (in the directory).

EasyConference. In combination with the HiPath Meet-Me Conference Server (MMCS), conferences can also be initiated directly and quite conveniently via a key at the optiPoint terminals.

More options for your communications SIP trunking offers companies many advantages – higher quality of service, more comprehensive functions and true convergence of voice and data in the telephone network. The open standard makes communications solutions more flexible, accelerates business processes, and provides new SIP-Q features, such as caller ID, call administration and call charge display.

More security for your communications HiPath 4000 uses security encryption to protect your communications against unauthorized access to confidential conversations. Based on international standards, both call details and signaling paths are encrypted, and without any additional software or hardware, because the encryption is done directly in the existing end devices and in the gateways used.

SIEMENS HiPath 4000 applications:

Whether it is CTI applications, cordless solutions, unified messaging or call center – HiPath 4000 provide a selection of many optional applications for you.

Call Center – Optimize your CRM With a professional call center software solution you integrate customer-related processes into an innovative customer relationship management. Whether it is Internet, e-business, mobile business or fax – the exploitation of customer potential is optimized, internal decision-making processes are accelerated, and the transparency of customer profiles is increased. This allows you to optimize customer service and loyalty.

Improve Accessibility An integrated speech storage system makes it possible to recall and distribute speech messages in a user’s own voicemail box with individual outgoing message. Recorded calls can be retrieved anytime and from any place, and messages can also be signaled externally via user outcall.

Standardized Interfaces With a common application platform, interfaces that are based on open standards are provided to facilitate the integration of customer-specific solutions. CAP entry licenses are already part of ComScendo for HiPath 4000 at no charge. This makes it possible to seamlessly integrate vertical applications for hotels, banks, insurance companies and hospitals via standardized interfaces, such as TAPI and CAP.

Comprehensive security – simple administration:

HiPath SIcurity – With HiPath SIcurity, Siemens offers complete security systems from a single source: analysis and consulting, network and system security, secure access through SmartCard-based solutions and protection of your resources by means of identity and access management. Solution packages developed on the basis of typical requirements profiles can be adapted flexibly to specific needs. That cuts costs and provides you with the security that all solution components harmonize perfectly with one another.

HiPath MetaManagement – HiPath MetaManagement is the comprehensive, cross-system management solution for uniform administration of networks consisting of HiPath Real Time IP Systems, applications and standards-based third-party-provider products.

HiPath Meet-Me Conference Server (MMCS)

Thanks to MMCS, all participants of a conference can dial in regardless of their current location and their infrastructure. All participants simply call the same number and are directly connected with each other – without having to take the trouble of having to call all participants. MMCS offers 1,000 meet-me conference rooms with up to 30 participants. Design and editing of personal conferences is done by the employees themselves, with settings for regular conferences being saved.

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