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Hipath 3000 – Hipath 3550 Switchboard pabx

Hipath 3000 – Hipath 3550 Switchboard

HiPath 3000 – End of Support April 2017. If you have a HiPath 1120 or HiPath 1150 then this affects you and you need to make sure you are aware of the impact to you and your business. Your communications system is vital to your organisation and any disruption to its availability is a significant business risk, which is why Unify is offering significant discounts on many migration options.

The time to act is now.

Please call 011 206 2909 your Unify partner to arrange a review of your legacy network and how Unify can assist you in migrating to a new modern solution.

Hipath 3000 series pabx phone systems consist of the variants as shown below:

Siemens HiPath 3300, Siemens HiPath 3350, Siemens HiPath 3500,
Siemens HiPath 3550, Siemens HiPath 3550, Siemens HiPath 3750
Siemens HiPath 3800

SIEMENS HiPath 3000 Series PABX Phone System

Powerful Modular Communications Platform for SME

The HiPath 3000 IP Convergence System offers medium-sized enterprises of 10 to 1000 stations the most reliable voice communication with high-grade terminal devices that are very simple to use.

If HiPath 3000 PABX is used as a standalone system, it can be operated with up to 500 workpoints.

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HiPath 3000 PABX Series Family:

hipath 3500 Siemens HiPath 3500 Pabx phone system is a 19″ rack-mounted PABX: Ideal small business with up to 40 users (80 if IP). The motherboard comes standard with 2 x ISDN2e circuits (4 channels), 8 digital extensions, 4 analogue extensions. The system has room for 6 cards.
hipath 3000 Siemens HiPath 3550 PABX phone System:  It is a wall mounted system designed for a maximum of 60 users or 100 IP users. The system out the box comes standard with 2 x ISDN2e circuits (4 channels), 8 digital extensions, 4 analogue extensions and can accommodate 6 additional telephony cards plus 1 large extension card slot.
hipath 3800 Siemens HiPath 3800 PABX phone System: It can be used as a floor standing or 19″ rack mounted unit. The system console can be doubled up to support as many as 500 users. It is based on the same architecture as the larger HiPath 4000. Is also compatible with the latest Siemens OpenStage family of handsets. HiPath 3800 pabx is the new high-end hardware platform with improved performance. A professional and homogeneous set of features is provided across all systems through HiPath ComScendo, which can be utilized independently of the workpoint clients used.

Standard PABX Phone System Functions:

  • Intercept/switching position
  • Display various languages
  • Music on hold
  • Park
  • Call forwarding
  • Telephone book, central
  • Camp-on/call waiting tone
  • Conference (internal/external)
  • Optional External music source
  • Consultation
  • Hunt groups (linear/cyclic)
  • Transferring a call (int/ext)
  • Call forwarding from the extension
  • Line seizure (automatic)
  • Night service/day service
  • Call back for busy line
  • Telephone Code blocking
  • Recall from the public carrier

Features List:

  • Caller list
  • Override
  • Call cost logging
  • Internal telephone directory
  • Text messages
  • Project code
  • Multi-telephone signaling
  • Do Not Disturb/On-hook
  • Classes of Service
  • Group call
  • Speed dial station/system
  • Internal text messages
  • Call number suppression
  • Door interface
  • Call pickup
  • Internal announcement
  • LDAP interface
  • Toggling
  • Advisory messages
  • Call signaling
  • Automatic redial (expanded)

Attendant Consoles:

optiPoint Attendant – An optiPoint system telephone can be used as an attendant console. This can be organized as an information, intercept, or night service station.

The attendant console can be accessed internally via a second directory number.

If the number of users on hold reaches a preset level, calls will be forwarded to a specified destination. This will also take place when the length of time a call is queued exceeds a specified limit.

optiClient Attendant – This software package simulates an enhanced attendant console on a PC’s screen. All features can be activated and executed via the PC keyboard and mouse.

The PC Attendant can be connected via V.24, USB or via IP.

optiPoint BLF – The busy lamp field (BLF) is an additional module principally for optiPoint Attendant. BLF has over 90 freely programmable function keys which show a station’s call status via LED (free, busy, called).

Braille console – (blind operator console) Optical displays are translated into Braille by an add-on device connected to the PC. This enables visually impaired employees to perform all call processing tasks. (Not available in all countries.)
Executive/Secretary Features

* Camp-on at an executive’s phone by the secretary’s phone
* Secretarial function transfer
* Call transfer to the secretary’s phone
* DSS keys for executive/secretary
* Conference corner telephone with parallel call signaling to the executive’s phone
* A private line can be set up for either the executive or secretary

PBX Phone System Administration:

System administration by the customer can be carried out either using the telephone or with HiPath 3000/5000 Manager C(additional information available in the HiPath 3000/5000 Manager C datasheet).

HiPath 3000/5000 Manager C is a customer tool that runs under Microsoft® Windows and is connected to the system via a V.24, S0 or TCP/IP-based LAN interface.

The feature Assistant TC allows customers to perform administration tasks on any system telephone with a display. The optiPoint 600 telephone is recommended, as this has an optional alphanumeric keypad (e.g for entering station names, etc.).

Relocate/Mobility (IP Telephones) – These features enable several users to share a workstation or to work as teleworkers from home keeping their extension numbers. The telephone retrieves personal settings when the user logs on. Extension numbers, station features and key labeling* remain unchanged (*for optiPoint 420 with self-labeling keys).
User Solutions

HiPath Cordless – is an integrated solution based on the DECT standard for full-coverage availability throughout the company premises using cordless phones.

HiPath Xpressions Compact – is an integrated voice messaging system for deferred and location-independent storage, retrieval, and distribution of voice messages in users’ individual voice mailboxes. HiPath Xpressions Compact provides an automatic switching function.

HiPath Xpressions – is a complex unified messaging solution. The communication central supports the user in everyday voice, fax and e-mail, and SMS information exchange. This enables delivery of customized solutions for every requirement from small entry-level options to networked communication solutions.

HiPath ProCenter Compact – is the professional, cost-effective call center software solution for up to 32 agents. This allows optimum telephone-based customer service transactions – from order placement to complaints management.

HiPath ProCenter Office, Entry, Standard and Advanced – are additional products for complex contact center solutions. They allow optimum deployment of resources for customer interaction across all channels.

HiPath Fault Management – Supports maintenance staff in permanent operational monitoring of the communication technology, following up even the slightest indication of developing faults and finding an immediate remedy.

HG 1500 – is an integrated component of the HiPath 3000 system family and extends communication system functionality for data traffic. The HG 1500 module is the networking basis for max. 64 HiPath systems via the customer’s IP network. VoIP: HG 1500 converts voice signals into IP data packets, which can then transmitted be via the data network. Application interfaces: HG 1500 provides the foundation for the web-based use of third-party applications. No external routers or additional servers are required for LAN PCs because the router functionality, firewall functions, and security options are already integrated components of HG 1500.

Call Charge Management – A variety of PC programs are available for recording and assigning incoming and outgoing call charges, permitting evaluation by extension, trunk, department etc. The call charge data can be transmitted directly to a central server via the LAN interface.

IP Networking – With HiPath 3000 it is possible to network multiple locations (nodes) via IP -based data lines.

HiPath 3000/4000/5000 networking is based on the CorNet IP protocol.

HiPath 4000 Small Remote Site – HiPath 3000 can be employed as a Surviable Media Gateway for HiPath 4000 in small branches with up to 15 subscribers.

Virtual Network – A virtual network of HiPath systems via digital dial-up lines is economically advisable in situations where permanent connections are not viable due to low traffic levels or where the full range of services offered by a permanent connection is not required.
Least Cost Routing

HiPath 3000 uses this function to automatically control the path used for an outgoing call. Connections can be routed via various carriers or a private network. The routing tables are used to find the most favorable connection path for external calls.

Since individual network providers often offer different tariffs for certain connections and conditions, Least Cost Routing enables the most economical connection for each outgoing telephone call to be selected automatically depending on the time of day and route.

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