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Siemens 7IP Extension VOIP Pbx System for small business

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Siemens 7IP Extension VOIP Pbx System for small business is ideal for the office with 7 users using your Fibre, LTe or ADSL connection. FULLY Wireless System.

This DEAL includes: 1 Analog Line – 6 VOIP lines 1 Desktop Switchboard Handset (reception) plus 6 Wireless Handsets

NB: Wireless handsets may differ from image shown

Specs for the Siemens VOIP Mini Pabx :

Sound quality
>Internal and External HDSP™ Sound Quality
>Advanced Handsfree talking
> 5 Ringer melodies, 7 Polyphonic, 11 real sounds and I downloadable
>Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries
>Adjustable volume

>1 Analogue Call and 6 VOIP
> 50m Range indoors and 300m outdoors

>1000 Phonebook entries and 250 with picture entries
>Can administer 1 Analogue, 6 VOIP numbers
>Phonebook transfer via DECT, Bluetooth and LAN

>Recalls Last 20 dialed numbers
>CTI for direct dialing from Outlook contacts directly via PC
>Automatic redial function in base
>Plug-and-play via installation wizards
>Date reminder function and alarm call

>Live recording of calls

>Graphical Display, illuminated in night mode 256K, 320 x240
>Display of callers number
>List of 30 last missed calls with time and date
>Multilingual menu for up to 20 languages
>Date and Time displayed
>Call duration displayed

>6 Configurable Keys
>Message indicator key

>ECO DECT-Energy saving power supply
>ECO Mode for reduction of transmitting power of base station by 80%
>Radiation-free5 ECO Mode Plus
>Time Controlled DECT on/off function

>Equipped with speech transmission encryption

>Expandable to 6 handsets
>Internal calls transfer
>Internal transfer of external calls
>2 Parallel calls internal and 4 external calls possible

>3 Answering machines
>Open listening at base station
>55 min recording time with playback of messages from external phone
>Predefined and individual announcements
>PIN-protected mailbox
>Date and time announcement
>Timed change between predefined and individual announcements
>AM control via handset and via base station
>Protection of recordings against power failure

>12 month Warranty

>DECT, GAP compliant
>100 Mbit LAN switch
>Linux based operating system

>Dimensions base station (H x W x D in mm) 108 x 263 x 168
>Colour Titanium Black
>Gigaset Base station < 0,1 W/kg >Link2mobile and 2 parallel Bluetooth connections
>WEB-Interface with save and load of configuration settings from and to PC

>6 VOIP accounts
>Multiple provider configuration

>IP Online Phonebook
>VoIP profiles for download
>SIP VoIP protocol
>Codecs G.711, G.722 _ G.726 _ G.729
>QoS: ToS. Diffserv
>Firmware update via Internet

Optional Accessories:
>Corded Headset connection jack
>Fax/Tel analogue connection port